June 13, 2017

Fiery warmth and beauty
Golden red and pink
Help me save my only world
Before it starts to sink
Down too far to retrieve.

Pollute the air, and make it grey
Dump in the river and in the bay
Poison courses through our blood
We’ve picked the flower before the bud.

The air we breathe that gives us life
Has become a cause for strife
In some countries.
They breathe as all must
And fall ill in the dust.

Plant the greens and browns
And all the life
We depend on
To help end the strife.

Create beauty, help it grow
It doesn’t need to be
In the most organized row.
Depend on it like your life’s on a line
That you’re not willing to fall behind.

Help clean the air
For deep, fresh breaths
Not coughs and chokes
Hiding inside concrete nests.

Work hard for Earth, and she’ll fight for you
But sometimes we’ll need to help her to
Stay your mother, long after we leave
For other planets
Again, through a vast sea
Of the very air we depend on.

Forget the sticks
That sing beneath
Our soft bare feet
Stop piling stones
Of grey concrete.

Cycle home, or ride together
We need to help, and help each other
Stay fit and firm
Do not let go
Of hope and joy
For helping life grow
To stop the dying before it runs
To save the precious air
And light from the shining sun.

Help me capture more moments like this
To stare at with a dreamlike bliss
And let my children and family do the same
Help them escape the pain
Of a colorless sky
And sparkling rivers now dry.

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