Rabbit Hole

May 31, 2017
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Time and time again I’ve tried to find the light despite being surrounded by darkness
But I always seem to fail, for maybe that’s what I’m destined to do
I always step down, when others need me to step up
And it’s not fair, not to any of them, or anyone
I don’t know what’s wrong with me
Perhaps selfishness, habitual lying, just not giving a damn
I don’t know, but I wish I knew
Because every time I turn around I seem to hurt someone
I’ve had chances to get help, but have always shyed away
To afraid of the problems yet to come
So many chances that I had, but now I’m alone
Because I’m the one who chose this path
Because I’m the one who let it go on for too long
Sometimes I hope
Hope that a hand will creep out of the darkness to grab me by the hand
And pull me out of my rabbit hole, once and for all
Someone to help ease the pain in my heart
That I let go on too long till it explodes out of my chest
Then I have to remember that no one else did this to me
I did this to me, and only I can fix it
But there’s always hope I guess
Hope that someone stumbles upon my rabbit hole
Hope that someone gets curious enough to take a peek inside
Hope that someone’s hand creeps out into the darkness of my rabbit hole
And decides to let me free
Hope they help me find myself or seek help from friends
Hope, because it stands for what I need to do now if I ever want to be free
Hold On, Pain Ends

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