Why are we "Wise Men"

May 19, 2017
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According to scientific termonology we are
Homo Sapien Sapiens
or "Wise Men"

How are we "Wise Men"?
There is so much
in this world
how can we call
ourselves "wise"?

Are we "wise"
because we have a
effecient communications system.

What good is our communication?
I haven't seen more
communication than

That is why we are
"wise men"?

Or is it that we all work together
very well?
Because the person
in the shadows,
the bullied,
the name called,
the damaged,
we made them that way.
And damaging people is not why we should
call ourselves

Society is so
We are mice adding to the holes
in a alreaady holey
swiss cheese laying
on that burgundy table.
We are happy we have food to eat,
we don't see all we do is

What will happen when the cheese
runs dry?
Are we still "wise men"?

We should be "Judgemental Men"
or "Irresponsible Men"
or "Idiotic Men"

We don't and we never will be able to fully
open our eyes
to these flaws.

We have been taught that
our world is

How can after having years of being taught we
"wise men"
can we
our eyes.

How can we see past our cheese
until it
runs dry?
And we are all sitting there on that
burgundy table
watching our fellow
"Wise Men"
die of starvation
be we took.

How can we call ourselves
when people can find so many holes
that they take their own life.

"Wise Men"
but look closer,
any maybe put aside a little
bit of that predjudice that you have
been taught
for all your years
and open your eyes.

And welcome yourself to this
flawed pecie of cheese
still sitting on that burgunfy table
as everyone
adds another hole
to that already
holey cheese.

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