I Will Tend My Garden

May 15, 2017
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Are not my scars beautiful?
Do they not glow silver in pale contrast?
Are they not a part of me,
Same as the roses growing from my heart?
I have decided they are beautiful.
I have decided that they are part of me,
Same as the roses growing from my heart.
For you cannot take me in increments.
I am not some loan that can be paid with interest.
These tears that flow across my cheek are for a reason.
They water the roses that grow from my heart.
I love these tears that same as I love the fruit of their labor.
You act like you know!
You act like know the scars and tears!
You act as if they are evil!
You act as if they will leave, and I will be all roses!
Do you not realize that they keep the roses alive?
You choose the roses, and you dash the scars!
I will never be without them,
And I would be lost without them.
The difference between you and I is that I see the beauty the gardens hold.
You call me yours, but you cut the sunflowers because they are labeled “weed”.
The roses grow by the grace and sacrifice of the tears.
The roses will wrap around the scars.
I will be as beautiful as I am now.
They are me.
I will tend my garden.

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DiamondSun said...
May 23 at 1:22 am
Lovely poem
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