You were the sunshine and 

honey dripping.

You were my hurrcane and the forest.

You brought the oceans to my eyes.

Little girl terrified.

You swallowed me up and protected me.

Your eyes were the broken mirror, except when i looked into your eyes i felt whole again.

You caused my heart to beat at a slow pace.

I was so calm around you.

I could never choke my words out.

You spoke my words refeshingly like the way you drink

lemonade up on a summer day.

I wanted more of you.

I wanted to drink you up.

But like all summer days,

you brought rains, and i hoped

all my feeling would drown.

As rain poured down my windows i felt trapped.

You were my everything.

But you vanished.

You vanished the way my dad did.

Like the marshmallows in hot chocolate

you took the part of me mixed in with you.

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