How to Make Someone Not Fall in Love with You

May 10, 2017
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Reveal your beauty and depth of darkness
Share your secrets, dreams, and fears

Explore them as they explore you
Ask questions, listen, and ponder the answers
If diverting, then you better keep going

Give and give, as if you could never run out
Even if they take all that you have,
At least you are wanted
At least you are had

Be their perfection and don’t ever stop
Compliment, cherish, comfort
And keep them on top

Finally, when you’re ready,
Hand yourself over
Your heart, mind, body

And don’t forget your soul

Present them in unwavering fashion
Uncovering the treasure, they’ll accept
And give you theirs too
Forever and always, but that’s not always true

Because sometimes your gifts are just not enough
And they’ll return everything you gave them
A little cracked and a bit bruised

Your heart
Your mind
Your body
And yes, even your soul

They’ll hand them back and whisper “no thanks”
I’m just not in love with you

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