Bookshop on the Corner

May 11, 2017
By May_Leaf SILVER, Carrollton, Texas
May_Leaf SILVER, Carrollton, Texas
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there’s a bookshop on the corner
of king and newhaven
that reminds me of you
its messy inside and even worse outside
but still all the same

it has oak shelves
with crude marks
made by pencil graphite
wielded by kids who just
wanted to leave
their mark

it’s the type of bookshop
that would be covered from
the floor to the ceilings head
in thick ivy and roots
sprouting from the soil
of the garden plot
at the side
with thickets guarding the front

really, in all honesty
it only reminds me of you
because you loved the smell
of books
the old, obsolete ones
that nobody checked out
and you loved the undiscovered gems
never looked at except by you
all because nobody wanted to go
into this bookshop on the corner
of king and newhaven

it only reminds me of you
because i remember how we
were going to go study at the
clean and polished library
in the middle of sycamore and
across from oakstone
but you saw the bookshop
and you got enamored and
i couldn’t say no to that face when
you said you wanted to go
to this little
undiscovered gem of a bookshop

you loved the smell of lemon
cleaner diluted with water
even though the smell
made me want to
double over and leave

you found solace in the
waterlilies and lavender plots
that hung overhead the door
that had the loud (cliche) bell
ringing when the door clicked open

you were in awe
with the opalescent vases
that held nothing but
colorful stones

we found this out
when i put back a book
too roughly and the vase
toppled over
(you yelled at me
and i spent the evening cleaning)

this little archaic bookshop
on the corner of king and newhaven
abandoned by all but us
our own little playground
where we stepped carefully
was your favorite place in world
and in turn,

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