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In a sky made of you, I realized there was nothing to hold onto-
of course clouds are superficial.
and I began to fall slowly down through
air that I couldn’t get a hold of either-
I was never afraid of heights before 

I was newspaper to you.
You found me in the closet one day
with a pen, trying to fill in all of the white space
on my skin and you smiled sympathetically
you know it will just wash off, you said
and I tried to smile too

You were the weight of the world on my body.
My bones jut out in abstract angles now
from all of the compound fractures you caused me.
My organs are compressed from the pressure

When your birthday came around,
I cut off my left forearm and gave it to you with a bow-
It was the only piece of me that wasn’t broken
And you smiled
And told me how we would
Shine brighter than the stars

But for the first time, I wasn’t so sure.
And I realized the flares I saw on you
were just light reflecting off of the
space blanket you always wore wrapped
around your body 

You never shone at all, not at all.

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