April 28, 2017


I couldn't stray you away

From her - she was the only

Apple of your eye,

The light of your life, 

And all I needed was you.


You denied me, 

Multiple times and shattered

What was left of my heart.

You had no care,

Your eyes had glazed over 

Only in contempt for me.


She was your pride and joy.

Her porcelain glow was what

Kept you close to home.


Your eyes burned,

And you spit venom 

From those fangs,

I screamed and ran away, yet

Engulfed in your flames.

Your name left my lips,

As I cried your name!



You left with her in your pocket,

Her love dusted against your

Nose as it bled crimson.

You had said you hated me.

And you never loved me,

Never cared.

And karma had gotten you back,

Because as you had fallen 

To the ground, 

I had been kicking and screaming.

I was too stupid to let you go.

I held onto you like a lost puppy,

Pathetic, with no home.


I was your slave,

And even after death...

You never freed me.

I held onto your body,

Limp and lifeless,

In my intoxicated mind,

I had wanted to keep ahold of you.



I brought you home, 

Even though you stole from me

What was rightfully mine.

And I took you under my wing,

I took care of you.

Or so I thought.

You had taken control of me.

I tried to let you go,

But it was an embrace harder

Than you'd imagine.

Joined at the hip,




Until I had enough.

You drank away your bad habits,

And snorted through a straw,

The rest of mine.

Until I decide to give her up,

My beloved Crystal.

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