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I ran across the rangeland
Until I found you in the distance.
You hid behind an oil well
Until you realized it was me


You threw up your hands and
Showed me the dozens of holes
In your palms, from sea urchins,
You told me. But there was no ocean around


You rolled up your sleeve and
I saw the tangle of scars
Wrapping around your arm, from jelly fish,
You said. And I said nothing


And when I found you the next day,
Blood dripping from your wrists
You told me some coral cut you in the surf
And I nodded and sat down beside you
In the sagebrush and dirt


We laid there together for awhile
Watching the clouds come and go.
You didn’t say much, and by the time
I turned to look at you, your body was dust
Blowing away in the breeze


I sat there for awhile longer,
Hoping that your remains made it to the sea.


I wrote your name in the dirt

Where you had been
And as I walked away, I thought about you
And how I didn’t save you.


You were gone, and I hadn’t stopped you from going


And then I wasn’t sure

If I would make it out of that desert land
Before I turned to dust too

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