Ocean Eyes

April 27, 2017

Ships walked on legs they grew
to survive the drought
When she drained the sea


They followed her
Like walking cactuses through a desert,
Every figurehead replaced
with a dowsing stick


She held the oceans in her eyes.
And she led them, anchors dragging,
From docks to boondocks
Where windmills filled their sails and tried
to push them back to an empty harbor


With aching boards and dry tongues
They watched as she filled a silo with the
Ocean she had been hoarding
And they laid down to die
As a dry breeze blew their last hopes away.


Not even a lighthouse
could call them home now-
splinters blowing away in a breeze
that hadn’t known the sea in ages


She placed candles on them and waited
until every last light burned out-
A trail of smoke, leading ghosts home
to a young sea


She watched them go,
As the ocean called out to her
In low moans
And she retreated to the silo
To answer its call,
A sail draped around her shoulders

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