May 1, 2017

You knocked on my door one afternoon in May
When I wasn’t expecting any guests
But when I saw it was you, I
Invited you in
Which I guess you took too literally
As you crawled inside of my skin.
I tried to coax you out,
With cookies and kind words
But I could never seem to rid myself of you
And in time, you fermented in
My veins and bones- fueled a fire inside
That pumped lava through my arteries,
embers to my finger tips that burned a slow steady red
And looked more like cigars now than phalanges


Have you noticed that the sidewalks have started to lead to no where?
I can feel my thoughts starting to lead nowhere too
And I can’t sort them out, no matter how hard I try
Your electricity is crossing my wires.
I have to wait until you’re asleep
Until I can continue my google search
On how to get you out of my body
And how to cleanse my insides until they
forget that they ever knew you
So far I’ve had no luck.


I look outside to see people
walking on the sidewalks
that lead into the sides of buildings
and directly into trees
And I wonder if they can see you inside of me,
If my skin is as transparent as it looks in the mirror
And I hear you snoring somewhere in my head
And Im glad that at least
you are getting a good night's

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