Need For Equality

April 20, 2017
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I’m just going to come right out and say it
I’m a feminist
And when I mention to anyone in my everyday life,
I notice males are seen “superior”
Their usual response is 
“But do you know what it’s like in other countries?
You have so much more than them. Be grateful.”

But here’s the problem:
No matter what any country does or doesn’t have
America doesn’t have what it needs

In my lifetime,
I want to make the phrase
“run like a girl”
Mean I run marathons with six minute miles

I want to make the phrase
“throw like a girl”
Mean I throw at speeds of 95 miles per hour

I want to make the phrase
“man up”
Become extinct

This topic is real
It angers me
That mankind is still judged
By gender

Sure we’ve come a long way
Since our Founding Fathers
Declared our nation
But we haven’t come far enough

I don’t want to “chill”
I’m asking for Man=Woman and all other minorities,
A simple equation, that no one can guarantee
The U.S.A. is nowhere near equal
And I won’t stop standing up
For what I know
Until it’s right

I will not stop
Until I’m not judged by the clothing
I wear out in public

Until my paycheck is the same
As the man sitting next to me

Until school dress code
Is no longer catered towards the female body
And we let women know their body is more than a distraction

Until I can fight in all jobs of the military
To defend my country
And not just a select few

I will not stop if these things never happen
I refuse to quit until we have what we should
We, as Americans, deserve equality
And I’m not ceasing my fight
Until I win

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