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When The Sun Returns

The clouds. They begin to drift away slowly. The sun. A bright glorious ball of light bursting through the shades. Darkness sudenly turning to light. Is this real? Can it be? Is this just another dream I am gonna wake from and the storms will return, lightning flashing and the thunder roaring its horrifying roar? I pinch myself. This is really happening. I pinch myself once more. I can't believe this. How can it be? Is it possible?

   I run to the door and fling it open. The sun blinds me. My vision soon focuses itself. I see her. But how can this be? I see her bright blonde hair glistnening in the sunlight. The beauty is so unreal. Her eyes. Oh how perfect it is to be staring into her eyes. I inch towards her. The butterflies fluttering uncontrollably in the center of my stomach.

   The clouds. No longer in sight. The sun shining bright on the two of us. Should I hold her close? Should I? Yes I should. I hold her in my embrace. I could hold her for a lifetime. I hope this isn't just anouther dream bringing the false hope that I know so well. I'm afraid to blink. I'm afraid that if I blink that the darkness will return and all hope and all joy will suddenly vanish and be nothing but a shooting star that didn't bring the wish that I have asked for my entire life.

   Tears of joy flow like a stream. I never want the sun to stop shining down on us. I want to forget how it feels to be hopeless and lost in the darkness that the clouds brought. I know that as long as the sun is bright and you are here to blow the clouds away when they begin to creep up that there will be hope. Hope of a life where I can be full of joy. A life where I don't have to be afraid.

   I am so thankful. When I thought all hope was gone, you appear and bring the bright sunny weather and blow away the clouds. No more storms. No more darkness. No more hopelessness. All thanks to you. The love of my life.

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