Barbie Says

April 5, 2017
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Barbie says I have a sixteen inch waist Barbie says What?

What’s that you say? How did I get my sixteen inch waist?

Well, I removed two ribs, a kidney, and half of my intestines-

but don’t worry, Barbie says, I donated my kidney.

Barbie says Look. At. My. Neck. Isn’t it long isn’t it thin Ken loves

to see all that skin Barbie says My neck can’t hold the weight of my head up so I lean on Ken’s shoulder

Isn’t that romantic ?

Barbie says You want to know how I maintain my figure?

Barbie says I practice breatharianism! Plants are alive and humans are alive and I am mostly sort of barely alive plants survive on light and air, so why can’t I survive on light and air?

Barbie says When I look in the mirror, all I see are my bright white teeth and double-d tits!

Barbie says I am the embodiment of the phrase top-heavy and I am proud of it. 

Barbie says Don’t tell Ken, but my back hurts all the time, she says The weight of silicone drags me down

but you know what they say! No pain, no gain! Barbie says My wrists are three point five inches

Barbie says Well, no, I can’t lift anything, but that’s hardly the point- Ken loves it. Barbie says Men looove a helpless woman.

Barbie says Ken broke up with me

- am I not good enough? Barbie says I changed myself for him, I killed myself for him, when I look into the mirror I can’t see me.

Barbie says There’s nobody to be beatiful for,

Barbie says It’s getting hard to breathe,

Barbie says I don’t remember how to love myself


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