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On the last day of school you picked me up in the liquor store parking lot and I stuck my feet out of the window
I threw my shoes on the floor next to the flag I stole from our english class
(the teacher was leaving, I doubt she noticed anyway)
and we drove off and away with loud music pulsing through the glass

down by the river you told me you'd never felt this way before
I twisted the water out of my shirt and said you'd move on fast

I don't know why

We send each other postcards from the places we go
you use yours as a bookmark, I tape mine to the fridge
and through smudged pen and little blue bubbles online we keep in touch

sometimes when you're out at a party or I'm sleeping on the floor we call each other
the phone rings ten times
but we never connect

When you come back through town we eat in cheap restaurants and hug in the parking lot
last time it was Mexican food for Christmas, everything wrapped up in aluminum foil,
even my thoughts and your gift

Sometimes I think you hate me
like when I kissed your friend or I had that boyfriend I hated
and I don't know if you care anymore when I tell you I'm crying
I know I don't care when you tell me about the girls you like

We've grown up and there are too many miles to go back now
things are different, but if you feel the same
come back to me this summer
and we can start all over again.

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