A Frightful Truth

April 3, 2017
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Why is it that it is said the moon always envies the sun?
Or the sun dies every night to let the moon live?


The truth of it is that either the sun envies the moon
Or the moon pities the sun for its ignorance
Or even possibly both




People hide their true selves when exposed to the light
Given darkness, and a person truly shines


So basking in the light of the sun
Everyone wears a mask
To hide what they fear others will judge
Or to hide what they judge themselves


But given the darkness of night
Not bothered by the slight luminescence of the moon
People shed their masks and fake skins
And live as who they truly find themselves to be
No lies, no covers ups
Just truths, and being free


So the sun forever sees the lies
And the faking of man
The sun sometimes envies the moon
For she sees only truth


But more often than not
The sun believes the lies of man
And in its ignorance, praises the foes and beats down the heroes
The moon gives pity to this ignorance of the sun
But with its voice, so unheard
The sun never hears to truths of the moons voice


So the moon stares at the sorrowful reality
Wishing only to be heard
So that the sun would not act upon lies
But so quiet is the moon against the voice of the sun
So quiet
So forgotten
Faced with the frightful truths, but no means to fix them.

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