If We Could We Wouldn't.

March 16, 2017
If I could act, I'd act like nothing really matters.
If I could sing, I'd sing about my secrets.
If I could dance, I'd dance around the subject.
If I could kick a ball or hit one, I'd be invincible.
The truth is, we can all act; we lie all the time.
Reality is, we can all sing; we give away our innermost thoughts.
The truth is, we can all dance; we avoid topics when they hurt too much.
Reality is, we're all good at sports because we all know how to throw a punch in the wrong direction.
We act like life is long,
We sing like the words mean nothing.
We dance like no one is watching,
And we play like we don't care about a trophy.
If we were all shameless,
We would have no costumes to hide behind.
If we all spoke our pain instead of sung it,
No one would want to listen.
If we all knew how to say "no",
We wouldn't be interesting.
If we were all honest,
We'd have nothing to play for.

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