March 30, 2017

What do words really mean?
What is the value of words?
When you are selecting the words in which you are to group together to form a sentence,
Do you have to mean the words you choose?
But then if you do not,
Are you lying?
Or perhaps,
Are you merely keeping secrets?
This question is often on my mind.
How often do you mean the words you say?
And then,
Why say them if you do not really mean them?
Are you trying to make her happy?
Are you trying to put her back together?
Or worse,
Are you trying not to break her even more?
She was already broken,
She has been shattered into so many pieces,
Enough pieces to make up for those who have not.
You want to put her back together,
So you say.
But then again,
That is all we know.
“So you say.”
Does it matter that you said it,
If you do not really mean it?
You say you do not want to hurt her.
“You say.”
Do you mean it?
Do you know that even just those words,
Those you thought were chosen oh so carefully,
Hurt her even more?
Do you know that?
When you say that you do not want to hurt her,
She then knows that you did not mean anything you had said before that.
Fear not,
She did not believe what you said before anyway.
You have just confirmed her suspicions.
What do you think hurts her more;
Saying that you do not want to hurt her,
Without actually making an effort to do so,
Or telling her what you think she wants to hear?
I have asked many questions here that should spark some contemplation,
Be sure to think them over.
More importantly,
Be sure to mean the words you say,
Or perhaps do not say them at all.

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