By , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Why did you leave me
Why did I leave you
Why didn’t you fight for me
Why didn’t I fight for you

You abandoned me
I abandoned you
I’m sorry
You were like a phone snatched away

I was helpless
You left me
I left you
We both turned out backs to each other

I tried to come back
I tried to remind you who I was
You forgot about me
You didn’t realize it was me talking

I suppose that might be because of the profile I used was different
I thought you would still recognize me
You killed me when you asked me who I was
I still waited for your messages

Like a drug
I craved your messages
I guess it wasn’t healthy
I just didn't have anyone else to turn to

I suppose that is what happens
When you turn off the physical world
And switch on your phone instead

It's funny
I never felt your hug
I never felt you kiss my forehead
Yet I know how it would feel

Without you, I feel incomplete yet whole
Am I a bad person for wanting you to run back to me
Sorry for abandoning you when you needed me
I’m starting to believe that maybe we were never truly each other's

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