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Catching Fire

Is forbidding my soul to dance
Because only you
Can give my heart music
Can play the strings of my rib cage
Press keys with your lips and
Move my hips without touching them
My mind without making a single sound
You must be some sort of wizard
And I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books
Multiple times
But nothing could prepare me for meeting you
I am a musician
And artist
I’ve worked for everything I’ve owned
But somehow
All you had to do was say hello
And I was trapped
In your sugar coated violin cage of a voice
In your trombone sliding doors of arms
Your base beat djembe eyes forcing their way into me
You forced everything into me
When we kissed,
Your tongue sliding into me
Pushing open
You crawl into me
Four legs and four eyes
Dragging your own body down the wrong way
And I choke you up
But never seem to get rid of you
It’s no wonder when I sing it sounds of Sorrow
Of birds who learned to fall before they were able to fly
Of leaves stripped from their home and tossed helplessly
By the wind

Is forbidding my heart from soaring
Because it was you
Who taught me how to fly
And don’t get me wrong
I will always be in debt to you
For tying string to the corners of my mouth so I could smile
But I wonder sometimes if you’ve ever let go
I’m scared to touch violins
For fear of breaking them
Scared to hear trombones
They scream at me
But the djembe drums
I have no hesitation to hit them
Allowing my movement to take over
To be in charge
But every time I finish I feel guilty
I feel indebted to you
And I wonder if your body has found its way to my heart
Taken colonies in my mind
But I guess I’ve been making the sound for you
This whole time

Is forbidding myself from living
Because if I stay
You stay too

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