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Secrets of a Dawn Rainfall

The torn, dripping sky,

The incessant rattle of the rain,
The pristine glimmer of the garden,
The soothing breezes of dawn
Do all have secrets to reveal of an
Orbit, divine and resplendent.


The frail beams of sunlight
In their mellow glow
Reminisce a reality concealed.
For all one can see are streaks of
Elongated, curled, augmented, molten clouds
Radiating shades of a truth, ravishing and infinite.


The brisk zephyrs thrust the soul beyond
The scent of wet terrain and fresh plants;
A voyage to melt in the allure of
Each mystical chirp, each deep rustle against matter.
This world, this soul, felt absolute this once-
A glimpse of our origin embedded in this mystical dissolution.


The gleaming dew trickling down the
Spines of glistening trees, utters
The tale of this material existence-
A descent-sudden and imminent-
From great heights…only to sink and slide into soil
With a reticent kiss against moist terrain.


As the morning emerges,
The clouds brighten,
And the chirps get denser,
The dawn’s voice fades in abating resonations
Across the horizon to come back and
Chronicle the secrets my soul once knew.

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