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Perpetual Clouds

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You’re approaching--
the closed door
that leads to a storybook realm
of mythical, beastly animals and
ferocious verdure.
A sky of upside down oceans,
megalodons and basilosaurus’
fly above your exhilarated mind. 
Thousands of shooting stars are below your feet
and the soft sand between your toes.
The world is full of pure air
and freshwater flows through streams.
There’s rain that feels like little tickles
down your spine
and the storms sound like harmonious voices,
like laughing saints and cherubs,
with flashes of light
that blind you with a sense of perpetual bliss.
You back away,
from the closed door--
you’re stuck in a world
of stop-and-go congestion
and towering, industrial buildings.
The treacherous clouds,
loom above
your oblivious head.
Burning filth beneath your soles
and smoke emerges from the cracks in the clay ground
from the oils we spill on the streets.
An impure oxygen enters your lungs
and contaminated water fills your veins.
The acidic raindrops
roll down your skin
and clamorous thunder fills your ears
while lightning strikes your brain,
frying any chance of
never ending happiness.

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