Size 3T Black Tights for $4.99

March 12, 2017
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The tights
her aunty bought at Walmart
2 weeks beforehand are
already worn out from
too much use and let the
“first little piggy” poke out
and brush its snout
against scuffed
church shoes.
So she kicks them off.
They’re ugly shoes anyways,
even for church shoes.
Her little white dress
plays hide-and-seek
underneath the black pea coat
and she wonders if it’s a sin
to play games while the preacher is talking.
She spies with her little eye
ten crosses on gravestones
but only one around a neck
and ponders if the preacher himself
has ever considered this
outnumbered ratio.
There’s a run running
up her new worn-out tights,
but it's not her fault she has
to wear them so often.
She clasps her aunty’s
hand and walks out of the church,
into the car,
and back into
Walmart to pick out another pair of
funeral tights.

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