March 8, 2017
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Her face is bright

Eyes glittering like stars

Every step elegant

A smile gracing her face


Grades all A's

Clothes making her a trendsetter

Complete friendships

Life seemingly set


She jokes

And laughs

And enjoys




But if anyone

Anyone at all

Bothered to look twice

They would see

They would see a falter in her plastic smile

A turn away from her fabricated friendships

A tug at her few nice clothes

They’d see the glimmer fade from her eyes

Her perfect posture start to slump

Her bright expression turn hollow


In only a second, a light becomes a shadow

Her heart fades to black

Her soul seems to sink


Her face is blank

Her eyes are glassy

She’s broken.


But then they look again

Blinking away what they can’t believe

What they think is a trick of the light

There's no way she could be fractured

She's the most put together person around


And she’s back

A bright smile

Radiating energy

Heart of gold

Laughing with the friends she’s always with


All thoughts of what they saw are banished

She’s obviously completely happy

They miss the fact that her soul hasn’t returned to it’s place

It's gone.

But she’s got it all together right?



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