The Emotion Series: Happiness

March 6, 2017
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A list of things that make me
Northern California, specifically
San Francisco and Berkeley,
pancakes with peanut butter
drowned in syrup and accompanied
by the radiant smiles and laughter
of my toddler sister and newborn brother,
Marvel Entertainment produced tv shows
that remained in my Netflix list until the
moment I was allowed spare time -
p.s Daredevil is my new favorite because
of Jon Bernthal’s performance as the punisher -
long road trips, hand-crafted playlists,
strawberries, justice, girl power, coming together,
deep conversations, writing pieces that
challenge a certain ideology, being difficult,
getting my way, sketching (even though I suck),
relaxing, string cheese, going to bed in the late
late morning, waking up when I feel like it,
the idea of hitting a punching bag, Bernie Sanders,
libraries, solitude, the smell of a new car, engaging art,
adding new books to my amazon wishlist even though
I still haven’t had the time to touch the ones on my bookshelf,
the hugs I receive from my sister when she returns home
from college, ben and jerry’s tonight dough with Jimmy Fallon,
lip sync battles, Bob’s Burgers, greek mythology, space,
Tedx talks, button poetry, twitter, Ryan Reynolds as deadpool,
Outlander, the last bell on the last day of school, straight a’s,
cheeto puffs, coming out from the water after the waves have
crashed over me and thrown salt in my hair, the women’s march,
helping and listening to the struggle of others, Childish Gambino,
The Sandlot, my dad conversing with me over
Star Wars and Marvel and DC, conspiracy theories,
the Renaissance, Rachel Maddow, fuzzy socks,
my mom and I watching Criminal Minds together
while sharing a blanket, the smell and the sound
of the rain, finishing homework, Beyoncé, comedy central,
Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, the word ethereal,
the Rocky Mountains, traveling out of the country,
thinking for myself, discussing interpretations of
conceptual ideas, Ireland, the idea of alien
lifeforms, new NASA discoveries, flowers and especially
lilies, Harry Potter marathons on Freeform, the
adrenaline that accompanies concerts, dismantling
the patriarchy, simplistic tattoos, emails from colleges,
a fully-charged phone, pleasing aesthetics, Castle Park,
old photographs and polaroids, record shopping and
record players, the banter between my grandparents,
rough drawings of hands, the idea of becoming
someone important, inspiring others, being an ally,
the laughs I share with my best friend at lunch and
over facetime and in twitter group chats,
and, most importantly it seems,
the idea of being in love.

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