I Love You

February 27, 2017

A paralyzing fear I have is saying, “I love you”.


I don’t say it to friends, even family. I don’t want to be hurt again.


When someone doesn’t say it back.


Their eyes gloss over with pity and remorse, already knowing the relationship is diminished.


Those three words are an atomic bomb, leaving miles of destruction all over my heart and mind.

I love you is a stain on my past, weaving a web of despair upon my face.


Love is a promise that is not kept.


At least not for me.


My heart has been put on a stage for everyone to see, and I pulled it off.


No more is my joy, my voice, my heart for others, but for myself.


So, I need to tell you something I have felt for eternity.


I love you.

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