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My World Calling

I’m surrounded by a city of people,
Boys and girls, men and women, who are successful.
I know only the media,
The glamour,
And the people who tell me
That Hollywood is their next mission.
The shoppers,
The dreamers,
The next-door-nice-girl neighbors,
The superficial,
The believers.
I, too, was once a kid surrounded by the bliss of my non-existent struggles
Refusing to let go,
Refusing to believe that the bad guy was real.
I no longer live in that haven
And neither do you.
Things don’t just happen, folks,
And it’s safe to say that our world is dying
Even though “safe levels of carbon” aren’t really applying
And the homelands of immigrants
Aren’t even passing as a place well worth living.
I know you mean no harm,
Neither do I,
But even though it’s pretty damn overwhelming,
By the time, you’re fifty I might not even be alive anymore.
That’s just the beginning.
I don’t think that this world really understands the meaning of compassion
Or the fact that pain doesn’t erase pain,
But rather enhances it’s true meaning.
Education is necessary,
Communism is not,
And because of these facts there is also a way to make it stop.

The world doesn’t have to stay this way.
Not today.
Let’s forget ourselves,
Even if it is only for a fraction of the time that you hear me speak
Because we aren’t “it” anymore,
We aren’t impenetrable or invincible,
Superman or technie-hero.
We are on a path in which we are all human
And you must remember this true cessation.
Humans take care of each other
They use their minds to help build a better future
The troubled and the lost
The helpless and the grieved
They are the focus,
They have the greatest need.

Imagine living in a world…
Where food is a struggle
Where life is fading away
Where acceptance is non-applicable
and poverty is a simple reality.
Children are sold into slavery,
Families are torn apart
And at the point where they can’t even see the hope above
Because of the dirt that has polluted the sky.

This world isn’t far off,
It’s knocking at your door.
Step out into the world,
Because you are needed there now even more.

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