We Need Him

Everything is darker, it’s so hard to call their bluff
We’re generation broken, and they don’t know you’re enough
How can I get it to them? Get it through their heads?
Plant a seed of motivation and get them out of bed?
They’re resting their spirits on a cracking foundation
And everything these days is in need of validation
Believing is seeing, and I see that they’re believing
In these lies that we tell and we poker face so well
Inside we’re all yearning for that cross we aren’t deserving
And we need you now more than ever like wind crabbed by each feather
What are we doing, this kind of life we’re pursuing
Where there’s no hope to be found and only dust on the ground
How do we translate, in every language, every tongue
That our awesome God’s praises need to be sung?
Because he hung
He hung on that cross and he died for our sins
Where our strength ends is where His beings
And I don’t know why He does what He does
But I do know His every move is made because of love
His undying love for everything we know
He only hopes to help us find flowers in the snow
That piles on so suffocatingly deep
Thick, strangling, only solidifies when we weep
We need this Savior, to love and protect us
But how can we expect that when we give Him no trust
Wake up from this dream and of these petty things let go
We need Him now more than we’ll ever know

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