Tears of Warmth

February 17, 2017

Oh dear child,
I understand your pain,
with the person you love
died without a final goodbye.

Come let your tears
run, turning into rivers that
feed the grass and let
your shattered heart open its
rusted gates to me.

I’ll let you into my embrace,
because I care you deeply
and I want you to live happily,
but I understand
why you are feeling blue.

I, too
lost someone I love.

It was a bright day like any other,
she and I was walking down
the street to go to the High School
that we go together.

My, I tell you,
she was quite a sight.

She had midnight black hair,
alive blue eyes, perfect lips,
and has a golden personality.

there was a car,
driven by drunk driver,
that whirled toward us.

My love,
without a second thought,
pushed me aside and said
the two most painful words
I had to bear, “Goodbye love.”


She was collided
without protection from the car.

The Ambulance picked her
and took her to place where death visits.

I went there,
because I didn’t want her to die.


The doctors said that her organs
are squished
and there is no way to bring her back.

Which means,
I’ll never see her bright smile
that lights my days
and her gold hearten
deeds with the poor.

Therefore, let your tears
continued to pour
for which God will
replace your heart of shattered glass
to a beautiful vase of multiple colors
that can be seen by people that
experienced the tragedy as you did.

For your tears are not of sadness,
or bitterness,
or regret,
or hatred,
but the Tears of Warmth.

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