The Light In The Path: Breaking The Single Story of Immigration in America

February 16, 2017

Immigrants are dirty,
That’s what people think...
They bring a storm
Of bad things
Trailing behind them
Like their shadow.

Their trail of breadcrumbs
Is made of bullet casings
Their crime spreading,
Taking over
The light
Casting out
The moths
Known as natural born citizens.

A life in the past
Fleeing from
Trying to keep up
With the world around them
Turning at the speed
That an arrow pierces
An already broken

Welcomed, yet cast out
Pushed back by a hyphen turned into a thorn.
They can’t keep up
Like Adichie spoke,
Strong as a rogue wave,
Their single story  pushes them back
A heart made of glass
Turned back into sand.

Crumbling, falling
A million lies
A good person turned into a monster
The one person with
Bad intentions
Defines a sea
Of people searching for a path
Trying to catch up.

The leaders of the race
The referees in the game
Want more paths
To keep them out of their own
They want more ways
For these people
To run, to leave, to go
In a forest of twisting branches

The “fringes of both worlds”
Tripping them
They don’t fit in.
Lady Liberty says
they belong,
Yet every step pierces their feet by thorns.
They are strong,
Yet they are turned weak by the tides.

Surrounding them.
Yet these are nothing
But lies
It is nothing
But hatred
From ignorance.

These people
These people are
They are
They are part
of us.

The hyphen
in their life
Is the space that shows
Of their life
Their duplicity

Let the hyphen
The arrow
That pierces
The single story
And breaks it

Let the
Of love
Mend their hearts
The sand turned into glass
The glass
Turned into

The single story
The turning world
Has slowed
Has listened, and learned
Their shadow
Is cast from
The light
Inside their hearts

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