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Other Worlds

People tend to stick to their own,

Stay with people they can relate to. 

People that look like them.

But if you never branch out-

If I had never branched out,

I would've never discovered my love 

For thai food.

Real thai food

That is made by a family that spent days

Preparing a meal for a wedding that ended 

With the girls in the basement 

Doing the dishes,

Laughing while covered water.

I never would have found out 

That mexican parties 

Put any school dance to shame.

That the throbbing latina music

And barefooted friends that danced

Until three in the morning

Made memories that engraved themselves

Into my brain.

I never would have appreciated how 

Terrifying war-torn countries truly are

And the effects they have on the innocent people

That live there.

I never would have found myself in a mosque,

Sorrounded in serenity as 

My friend and her mother

Got in their morning prayer before our shopping trip.

I never would have found out that


Not made in America

Can make my hips swing and my lips sing.

I never would have found out that an African tradition

Makes my mind stretch 

To every corner of the world.

I never would have found the hands

Stretching across oceans,

Arms open,

Mouths ready to share their stories 

And my ears

Ready to listen.

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