Balloons And Tears

February 14, 2017
By , Elk Grove, CA

Think of a moment that made you sad but was not a sad moment.
For me it's losing balloons.
I love balloons.
They float. Duh. You can hit them and run with them.
I had a heart shaped balloon on Valentine's Day.
I tied it on my wrist.
My mom said not to run outside with it.
I'll lose it.
I'll cry.
She hates it when I cry.
I'm too old to cry.
I was.
I tied it on my wrist very tight but not too tight.
Circulation was necessary.
I ran around with it.
I hit it and it was OK because it was on my wrist.
So clever.
I was running with it while looking at the ground and the string was in front of me.
The balloon wasn't.
I had string tied to my arm but the balloon was in the sky.
I watched it go and ran after it's shadow
on the ground but it was too high
And gone.
I cried.
I was too old to cry.
My balloon was gone.
It's just a stupid balloon.
It was.
But I could never do anything right.
I should've listened to my mom.
I didn't want her to see me cry so I ran inside upstairs.
I didn't want to cry over a balloon.
That was stupid.
I went on YouTube and watched a video that always made me laugh.
I stopped crying.
But I didn't laugh.
My mom came in.
"Where is your balloon?"
"It broke off the string."
"I told you so."
"It went to heaven."
Balloons don't go to heaven.
It was in the sky and it would pop and fall to the ground and pollute the earth.
"It's OK."
She said
"Its OK."
I said
"I didn't cry."
I lied
"Its OK if you did."
"What if I do?"
She said we can cry when we're sad
Balloons are only temporary anyway
She cut the string off my wrist
I forgot it was there
Now I don't cry over silly things
Like balloons
Even though it was OK
It isn't now
But when I can't sleep
In the dark
By myself and my mom isn't here because I'm a
Successful adult
I weep over the balloon and my mom
That isn't crying
So its OK
Think of a moment that made you sad but was not a sad moment
My mom died
That was a sad moment
It made me sad
I couldnt
But it was OK to cry
Everyone cries
I had run out of tears
She went to Heaven
Looked for my balloon
It wasn't there
Think of a moment that made you sad but was not a sad moment

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