The ABCs of Depression and My True Love

February 8, 2017

My apologies,

I just can’t seem to act right now. I guess I’m quite bubbly most of the time, but now I’m careless and dejected. I have no energy to feel anymore. I have become ghostly and hapless, ill-minded and jealous.
My apologies,
I’m a klutz around you because loving you makes me miserable and nervous.
I’m quite obdurate in the visage of love.
My apologies,
I am panicked and queer, I may have messed things up with us. Rushed and sadistic, I have no chance with you.
But I still try to patch things up by smiling with my teary eyes, unable to understand why I am like this.
So now I’m alone… again, and vengeant I am to try to capture whatever is tormenting me, and wobbling on the brink of my wisdom, I wait for an answer and I hope to be xenial with you one day, one day, but now I am yearning for a zestful sleep to wake up the next day amicable and beaming, a comical expression on my face, dazzling in earnest, faultless and genuine, hearkening to your voice of your heart….

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