February 20, 2017

I am sorry.
“Secrets are what make the world go round.”
I am sorry to keep secrets,
But indeed I must.
I am sorry I do not always tell the truth.
One thing that I always say,
Is that I do not lie.
But perhaps I do,
Do I not?
Perhaps I do not,
Perhaps I merely keep secrets.
Perhaps too many.
Perhaps I am not good at keeping mine.
When you ask if I am okay,
And I say I am.
My secret,
Is that I am not.
That I am far from okay.
Do you know that?
I wish I could say that you do,
But I cannot.
We do not talk about that.
I do not know if you have the slightest idea.
I wish you did.
I wish you paid attention.
Do you pay attention?
Perhaps you do.
I do not think you do.
I wish I could ask.
Perhaps that is your secret,
That you do.
But you do not act.
Perhaps that is your secret.
Perhaps you do not care.
Perhaps that is your secret.
I keep secrets too,
Whilst trying to figure out your secrets.
But I must keep mine.
I must make sure you do not figure them out,
Before I do.

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