And There You Are

February 20, 2017

I hate you from every ounce of me.
I cannot stand the very thought of you.
You cheat, but we’re not together.
I’m at a loss..
Do I miss you or do I miss the feeling of you.
I cringe at every interaction.
In my mind I go over and over how it could have been better.
I stay up thinking.
God I hate you
But oh my God do I miss you.
I can’t believe myself.
I’m pathetic.
I know I need something.
But do you know that I need you?
I’m hooked.
I can’t feel my legs or my emotions for that matter.
I don’t want to care but I can’t help it.
I anxiously look at my phone, hoping there’s a text message from you.
Phone updates, my familiar wallpaper, and the nonstop time is all I see.
I need you.
I hope you realize you need me too one of these days.
Hurry before it’s too late and we grow up.

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