The Wolf

Listen my pack,
let me tell you a story of
victory and courage about
a wolf that saved his kind
from the evil deers
that dominated the wild for centuries.

In the season of new life,
Mother Nature, in a robe of flowers and grass, plants all the seeds and plants to grow
while animals are waking up, coming back or starting life all over
that show the Reaper in black chilly robes is gone, for now.

A pup was born from his mother’s womb
he had blue eyes full of innocence and naive
looking like a hand-sized ball of dark fuzzy fur
was nursed by his loving mother
always play with his siblings
till the young one
was the alpha out of his siblings
which he became old enough to hunt with the pack.

It’s now time for his first hunt,
for which he is the runt of the pack,
but if he killed his first prey
without the support
will makes him worthy to the pack.

Small snowflakes fell from the sky indicating
that winter is coming
and the pack need to hunt one more prey before
the lady of white hail, snow and wind.

The young one’s steps echoed though the forest like a cave
breathing in and out,
blood rushing inside his arteries
throughout his body
which the snow falling from the sky
piercing the foreskin of his fur
that kept the warmth from leaving
his body.

His first prey was a deer,
gigantic and murderous
in comparison to Goliath,
that was given victory
in every battle for the
deers because it kills
any wolf that gets close to it.

Yet, the young one,
similar to David,
engaged the deer
in a battle of the ages
for domination of the forest
and the symbol of the wild.

The young one was wounded by the deer,
but the wolf killed his prey
by a deep bite on the neck
that delivered fear into
the hearts of the deers
at the moment the deer landed in the ground
with a sickening thump.

The young one tilted his head back
and howled  to the sky
making it sound like the wailing of
a sad lonely ghost in a empty house.

Others joined in,
chanting the song
sounding like a choir of angels
for the victory of the good
till they feasted on the deer
which was quite a feast to had in a century.

Wolves howl to retell
the story of the young wolf that was
passed down from generation
to generation,
telling the battle of the runt
that fought the monstrous deer
which gave the legacy of the wolf,
showing that the wolf
is not a savage beast of darkness,
but a intelligent, courageous
and solicitous creature
with the spirit of the free.

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