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February 9, 2017

What if life is a dream and death wakes you up..what if reality is a figure of our imagination..what if THIS is all a dream..what if we're all alone in a world where the weak are selfless and the strong are ignorant. In a world of pollution, I must have been misplaced because the world I'm in kills their own race in order not to be disgraced by the ones that birthed them, the so called "creators"
If god is real, then why would she let her own children stab and rape one another? Show disrespect to each other cause their white or a brother.
I'm confused
Can you imagine how much pain someone would have to be in to inflict it on their loved ones? The people that surround them with hands of support but don't understand that to the person they are trying to support those hands look like death trying to pull them in to the depths of hell because there's no way those could be anything else.. Right? Wrong.
We're straying from the purpose. We're hating on our loved ones and loving those who've hurt us.
Don't listen to that its not worth it.
We're all bright we all shine like diamonds.. Sometimes it's just hard to find them.

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