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When in Rome

Buidling relationships on lies and pinky promises

Shaking from panic attacks like I have Parkinson's

Feeling like the only thing left in my face are my sinuses 

Like I don't really know why I write or why I'm rhyming this 

I'm rhyming this with this

See it's scary see 

Becase this has become a normality

I've adapted ti my new personality

I don't know what I want 

I let my fingers type and not my heart 

The last letter was a month ago and I cried while writing 

My room has really spooky and celestial lighting 

Looking under my bed and desk like what are you hiding 

I guess I'm hiding what I know or want to say 

I'm terrified of the answer and it's already bad between us 

It's like everyone knows Serena but forgot about Venus 

Admitting is the hardest thing 

I imagine saying it would be harder but I haven't gotten past the first step 

I can't even remember my first breath 

Can you ? 

Looking like Paul Cantu

He's this dude I watch on youtube 

See but we don't talk in public so you wouldn't know 

When's the last time I ate ice cream

I don't know 

Actually it was four nights ago I remember vividly 

Aftwerwards I walked away and went to a park bench and asked a pastor if Jesus was watching 

He, of course said yes he is always watching 

I then proceeded to run as fast as I could away from that bench and ran into a oblicion I call my dreams 

See this is the beginning 

I could go on

I might 

Probably tonight 

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