February 2, 2017
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“are you black or mixed”
“I'm black”
“Are you sure”
“Yeah I'm sure, are you white”
“Dude you didn't have to be racist about it”
“How am I racist”
“Well in class your always and only talking about slavery, segregation, discrimination”
    “Okay your point it’s still happening today”
“No it’s all over, that's it it happened In the past”
why am I told I'm, racist when I talk about history
not fake things
they aren't made up
but still I'm told that
I suppose we were never oppressed
I suppose that the slave ships were just a dream
the shackles were never there
the children were never ripped from their mother's arms
cotton was never picked
because it's racist to say those people who locked the chains
sailed the slave ships
stole the children from their mother's arms
were disgusting
but it's racist to state
that our people were raped
we were torn from our culture
I suppose I was wrong for stating the truth
but it hurts to think some believe that I'm unintelligent
because I'm black
I wonder what does that have to do with anything
is it because I'm able to express my words better than you
is it all because of my epidermis
so what happens when we decide to forget
forget the little bit inside of our history
we skip over the pages that shed blood
wishin that we could change that little feeling of hatred
as we stare upon the chains
so please don't comment on the facts
like I've been making up the constitution
when really the constitution made me
amazing you realized that I have right to be scared of anyone
steppen near
but fear is our worst enemy the enemy that everyone wants to fight
It's not over the fights were not all done
Because I've never seen one that really been won
I mean cool we got our rights
But something was we shouldn't have to fight
So I guess you could say the fight just has begun
So please next time you decide that I'm racist
Check the fact number 1

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