A Creation Like No Other

December 17, 2016
By LeisurelySketches SILVER, Mohali, Punjab, California
LeisurelySketches SILVER, Mohali, Punjab, California
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Your life has a limit but knowledge has none. (Zhuangzi)

Swishing furiously through pond water

With hair like those of a wild horse's 

Its colours vivid and dazzling

Contained in the alien structure of an ancient kingdom


Its life is but brief, 

Though its relatives have been witness

To a billion years of change and evolution

And hide secrets beyond the understanding of the wisest.


Its haunts range from extreme to ordinary

With no habitat unexplored

But the presence of this subtle creature

Our ordinary senses can't detect


It speaks to you without words

Moves without sound

Its expression none can decipher-

A mixture of surreal, serene and empty


Well, we trace our origin to it

This statement comes as a surprise

Though upon contemplation

You'll know why


It's not a creature from a fantasy book

And this poem isn't fiction

For this wonderful life form is none other than

The ubiquitous, familiar protistan.


This will certify that the above work is completely original.

Cherub Singh

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