The one that got away

December 10, 2016

Why did you ask?

      I said no.
Why did you get a girlfriend?
I had feelings for you.
I thought you know.
Did you?
I would of let you see.
Who was the friend?
I want to get back to talking.
      Like we did.
She wouldn't know if we did.
I thought you liked me?
You said I was good looking.
     Did you mean it?
I really took it to my heart.
Did you just want one thing?
I would like you to tell me.
        I need to know.
Face to face tell me,did you really mean it?
Was it so I would take to you.
I want to have a relationship between us.
      Would you want that?
I try to take to you every day.
Do you get the massages that I send you?
Are you just not reading them.
         She should know.
I am going to tell her.
And you can't do anything about it.
She will be so mad when she knows.
         Will you care?
You ask me again I said no before.
It should have stopped at the first no.
But you didn't you wanted one thing.

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