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Life Isn't What It Used To Be

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The life that he lived when he was a kid

A life of wonder and carelessness

Mommy and Daddy, he saw as idols

Grandma and Grandpa, he saw as best friends

He loved his dear family, he loved with all his heart and soul

He read books brimming with dinosaurs and birds

He watched episodes of Scooby Doo and Spongebob

He never got grounded, almost never was is any trouble

He was Mommy's precious little boy

He was Daddy's strong little man

He was Grandma and Grandpa's first granchild

And he was Great-Grandma and Great Grandpa's first great-grandchild

He only saw the beauty in the Earth, the green of the grass, the vibrant portrait of the sunset

He never saw the struggle in the Earth, the poverty, the hunger, the struggles


Now he knows what life is like

He sees the poverty, the hunger, the struggles

His heart wears thin with sadness

His cheeks, damp with tears

His eyes run red with anger

Fury, jealousy, disdain

His ears bleed out with annoyance

His mouth is inflamed with sarcasm

He argues with his mother, who used to be his idol

He misses his father, his great-grandfather

He wishes he had more time with them, they never got to see who he would end up as

His conscience weeps over the things he has said

He hurts with his own words

He cries with his own tears

He's angry at his own pain

He wishes he was still Mommy's precious little boy

Daddy's strong little man

The child that didn't cry

The boy that was filled with wonder and carelessness


At night, before he plunges into sleep

He remembers the boy he used to be

The boy that ran, laughed and played

He wishes that boy would've stayed

But now he's different than the way he was

He thinks this might be because

As he grows he sees the Earth

The poverty, the hunger, the struggle

It gets worse and worse in his eyes

It wears him down paper thin,

Molds him into thinner skin

He sees the things on the news

These things, his mind can't refuse

The fact that life isn't all wonder and carelessness

Makes him shiver inside

The fear of this, he has to hide

He's got to stay himself

He's got to be free

But most of all

He's got to stay Mommy's precious little boy

Daddy's strong little man

He's got to hope and pray and wish for what he wants to see

But first he must realize, life isn't what it used to be

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