Do You Hear Me?

November 14, 2016
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They tell her that her words matter;

That everything she says is heard. 

But where were her listeners when she lost her friend? 

Did you ignore every broken word? 


She cried for days hurting more than continuously breaking bone; 

She prayed that somebody would heal her,  

But she realised that she's all alone. 


So do you really listen to her? 

Or is she just spending too much time with hope.  

Because hope to her was a person, 

But now it's just her distruction.  

She can no longer cope.  


Believing she was heard made everything much worse, 

If she was being listened to; Then this feels like a curse. 

Nobody came to cry with her or gave her a conforting hand,

They only watched in pitty as she lied there on the sand. 


A lifeless body next to her as she wiped at her tear stained eyes, 

And just a bunch of watchers who didn't think to cry. 

The whole world kept going, 

While hers came to a stop. 


They listen to her pitiful screams,

Pretending that it was not happening. 

And the whole time they just stare 

She realised then, that they can hear her hurt 

But darling they just don't care. 

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