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Does It Bother You Dad Stopped Loving Mom So Fast?

Dear Jacob,

Does it bother you that dad stopped loving mom so fast?
All my life I watched him love her
He loved he more than she loved herself

But then all at once
It was gone
The love
The happiness
The family
The house

All at once he was done
Done with her demons
Done with her lying
Done with her habits

But he knew it wasn’t her acting that way
He knew he loved the girl deep inside
The pure
Beautiful girl she was inside

He taught me not to judge a book by it’s cover
That people are deep within
But he didn’t teach me perseverance
He didn’t teach me how to deal with problems

He gave up
Dad gave up on loving mom
And he gave up fast
He moved on fast
He remarried fast

She was left
By her lover
Her soulmate
Her family
And herself

It bothers me that dad stopped loving mom so fast
I wonder how fast he will stop loving me
It bothers me that dad gave up on mom
Because if I ever need help one day I don’t think he will stay around for me

Dad cares about his happiness
Dad puts himself first
Dad loves a new girl now

She’s not my mom.

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