The wonderful story of Satan

November 11, 2016
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There once was a boy named Mason, whose father was known as Satan. He ate the pies, discolored the skies, and made a lot of bacon. The bacon was good, as bacon should, but just so you know the chef was Satan. Satan had a plan, a devilish plan that he knew worked well. He tried it once, he tried it twice, and none of those attempts had failed. The bacon he dosed with cyanide, to kill whoever ate it. Just for emphasis, just to make sure, the terrible chef was Satan. The sneaky snake as some would call, that tricked the beautiful Eve. He tainted their blood, so it looked like mud, yup that is typical Satan. The god of the skies had realized that Satan should be stopped. At that, he threw a giant shoe that struck the notorious Satan.Chilling and killing like Annabelle Lee are the fate that captured Satan. Remember Mason? The son of Satan in the very first line. Well, he received the news with ease, no crying or screaming, or shaking. Mason was calm, he was happily so not a care in the world for Mason, but Satan had plans. Such devilish plans, to possess his only son Mason. Mason's fake smiles where the masks for a scream sent by his father Satan, the evil will never stop until Mason is stopped. Until Mason rots, with his only father Satan.

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