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I walk around the black abyss,

waiting for my saviour.

I walk through the woods

to clear my mind,

with no-one to stop me.

I walk into the school

that is filled with hatred,

and names to hurt me.

Some say I was not 'smart' enough.

Some say I was not skinny enough.

But I was the bigger persom,

and walked through all that hatred,

Tears to fall,

and my heart to crumble,

I sob and cry and hit the wall,

until I feel nothing at all.

My knuckled are bloody,

and my throat is dry.

Yet, there I am.

Listening to what they say.

Maybe they're right,

maybe I am not smart,

or skinny,

but I am me.

I am perfect in the most imperfect ways.

Yet imperfect in the most perfect ways.

I am me,

and I listen to what some say to me.

But those are my imperfections,

and I cannot change them.

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