glass girl

November 11, 2016

she’s made of glass
fragile and beautiful
clear and pure
but no one bothers to see what’s inside
only their own reflection

they raise her up
simply so her gashes cleave deeper
every time she tumbles

but she refuses to shatter
for she knows if she breaks
they will just grind
her crippled pieces into the dirt
rendering her unfixable

their words crash into her
like waves eroding the strongest stone
to the smallest grain of sand

but she’s strong
she’s brave
she builds her walls thicker and thicker
until they’re no longer transparent
until even she no longer is sure who she is

must have
a weak spot

they {cunning, ruthless animals} sniff it out
and hack at it
with words poignant as pickaxes
she finally shatters

cracks spread like lifeblood through fragile veins
she screams
she cries
but now
she is finally free

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