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I guess I've just never thought making friends in school was important

You probably won't know many of them aferwards, right?

Friends to me are somewhat like the force that pulls you back

They influence your decision, transform your agenda

Constantly needing to conform, or endlessly worrying about being the third wheel

Or feeling like your better than someone else because you have more friends

Foolish, childish nonsense

But I still find myself needing to have friends

The good ones are there for you

For that "Life Sucks" moment

You need someone who makes you feel normal

You need to be part of a group, or have a seat at the table

People that understand the insurmountable atrocity that is middle school

Someone to talk about how grueling your assignments are, or how all of your teachers hate you

But alas, friends come and go like seasons

A chilled, jealous winter

A fresh, casual, easy-going spring

A sweltering, angry, betrayal-filled, double cross summer

A brisk, serene, dramatic-natured fall


Though the seasons all have one thing in common, you need them ALL to survive.

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TheFlashNatalie said...
today at 2:23 pm
This is really great! Good Job!!!
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