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As years went,
My garden began to bloom and flourish.
Sprouting lilacs and lilies,
daisies and snapdragons.

I walked, jumped, skipped.
Free to do as I pleased,
when I pleased.

My garden,
so vibrant in its varying
colors and hues.

It was my personal diary.
Every being touched by my

As years went,
My garden became dormant.

My flowers became tainted,
ruined by those I shared my landscape with.

They picked my beautiful,

they trampled my beloved daisies

I sat in the middle of a barren field.

I peered around,
My hazy eyes gazed blankly.

I felt around aimlessly.

My fingers grazed the grass -
Piece by piece,
I plucked what was left of my wonderful wasteland.

Tears began to stain my cheeks,
As I looked down at the grass on my palms.

I smiled and whispered,

“There's nothing left now.”

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